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Sony Sets Ambitious 2022 Target for PlayStation 5 Sales Despite Torrid 2021 Results

Sony just revealed its financial earnings report for the fiscal year 2021. And it didn’t show the expected outcome for the company that it initially aspired for a year ago. In terms of sales, the PlayStation 5 ended up selling less than what the manufacturer hoped for the product to perform.


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Going by numbers, the PlayStation 5 has sold 19.3 million units across the globe to date. Unfortunately, though, this is lower than what Sony was expecting previously. In fact, as per the company, it was hoping for the console to sell 3.3 million extra units, for a total of 22.6 million.


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Sony is still expecting a huge rise in PlayStation 5 sales for 2022

As is already known, the semiconductor chip shortage problem has made it very difficult for multiple companies to provide large stocks of electronic devices. The video gaming industry is also suffering from this crisis as well, especially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While there’s been a decline in supply (of gaming consoles) from other big giants like Nintendo and Microsoft, Sony is also going through this tough phase right now. As a result of that, it has hardly managed to produce the expected number of PlayStation 5 units.

This was clear to witness in the recently unveiled earnings report as well, for Sony’s fiscal year 2021.


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In the report, it mentioned that PlayStation 5 sold around 3.3 million fewer units in the previous year. Simply put, Sony missed its targeted number of sales, which was expected to touch 22.6 million compared to 19.3 million, as revealed in the earnings report.

However, despite all these challenges and decline in sales, Sony is still hopeful for 2022 in terms of producing more PlayStation 5 units. In its latest financial report, it has estimated to ship 18 million units of the latest console for the coming fiscal year, which will end in March 2023. It means that the overall number of sold PS5s will double up in case this new projection turns out true.


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What are your expectations as a potential buyer of the PlayStation 5? Do you think Sony will be able to supply more of the present gen device moving forward in 2022?

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