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Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping: the need of the hour

Shopping is something that can never go out of style. One is always going to have to buy new things, hence shopping is inevitable in one’s life. When once shopping meant dressing up and going to malls, today it can be done from the comfort of your house. Online shopping was already booming , but with the coronavirus making stepping out of your house a tricky thing, online shopping took a front seat and became the preferred method for the majority of the market. 

Kids are ever changing – their needs, wants and sizes can change from day to day. Every T-shirt you buy for your child will probably be too small within 6 months. What does this lead to – more and more shopping! 

So when you need to shop so much, which is the best option for you? Let’s take a look at the breakdown of factors for both offline and online shopping!

Online Shopping 

  1. Time Saving 

 One of the major benefits of online shopping is that it can save you a ton of time. It can be done at home, in bed, in a car, between work calls, sometimes even in the bathroom! For a parent, time is of the essence with little kids. The process of going to the mall can take hours, while the same thing can be achieved within minutes from your couch and smartphones! Especially if you’re a working parent, stepping out of the house for shopping can be next to impossible! Hence with online shopping, this can also be solved while shopping over dinner. 

  1. Lucrative deals 

E-commerce stores offer a wide variety of deals that one can avail. As a parent, you’re constantly looking for quality yet inexpensive things as children tend to outgrow clothes easily. Offline shops have offers going on only a limited number of months a year, while with online shopping, there are offers going on around the year like clearance sales, discounts, coupon codes, etc that you can avail.

  1. More options 

Online shopping offers a wide variety of options that offline stores cannot compete with. The internet is an endless place, making the options endless too. For every sweater you might wanna buy your child, you can have a thousand options to look from. This can help you make the best choice in terms of design as well as pricing! 

  1. Ease of handling children 

One of the hardest things of being a parent is dressing up your children and taking them into the outside world, all the while praying that they remain on their best behaviours. Children can be unpredictable, they need attention and care, something that is difficult to do while also trying to run from store to store buying their clothes. With online shopping, there is no need to dress up! You and your kid can just sit on the table and go through the clothes together – if your child is picky, they can also be an active and willing participant in choosing their clothes, in a hassle free manner!

  1. Easy returns 

Online shopping allows for easy returns and easy delivery – with almost no charges! If the size is too small for your child? With one click, you can return it. You can also replace the size with the one you desire. Shopping has never been easier. 

  1. No pressure shopping 

The biggest turn off of offline shopping can be the constant pressure and vigilance of the store staff. You’re under a microscope, and with kids it can become an even more cumbersome activity as the staff subtly pressurises you to buy and try various things. Online stores let you browse to your heart’s content with nobody hovering around you!

  1. No crowds

Crowds have become a major source of anxiety for a lot of people now. Ever since the pandemic, people have become more and more conscious about how much they step out, and how many people they come in contact with. Especially with younger children, going out in heavy crowds has become a risky business. Due to this, online shopping has gained an edge as it is a contact – free option. Hence for you and your child’s safety, online shopping can be a way to get your work done without going out! 

Offline shopping 

  1. Feel of the clothes 

Shopping for things in person gives you the option to feel the clothes. The quality of the material is easier to judge. While selecting clothing for children, it’s important that the material does not itch, or is uncomfortable.  When selecting clothes in a store, you can get the feel of the cloth, hence making a more informed choice. 

  1. Staff help 

A staff at any store is well versed in the outlets’ many pieces, and hence their recommendations are worth their weight in gold. Especially in bigger multi brand stores, the staff can point you in the right direction and help you pick out select pieces. This helps you save time and discover new things you didn’t know about before! 



Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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