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Lenovo’s new gaming laptops are more powerful and have big batteries

Today, Lenovo is announcing a pair of new 16-inch gaming laptops, the Legion 7/7i and the Legion Slim 7/7i. They’re both offered with AMD Ryzen 6000 processors, with the ‘i’ variant getting Intel 12th-generation chips.

Lenovo is calling it the apex of performance

Lenovo is promising the best in performance from both the Legion 7 series and Legion Slim 7 series, but the former is getting Intel’s new HX-series processors. These are the first mobile processors from the company to have a 55W TDP, so the Legion 7i comes with up to a Core i9-12900HX, while the Legion 7 comes with up to a Ryzen 9 6900HX. For the Slim, it’s a Core i9-12900HK or a Ryzen 9 6900HX.

Lenovo Legion on table

Lenovo Legion 7i

But that’s not all that Lenovo is doing to boost performance. It continues to redesign the thermals, sucking in air through a grille (it actually looks like a speaker grille) above the keyboard, and through the keyboard itself. The air gets pushed out the vents in the corners. Lenovo also says there are 31% more liquid crystal polymer blades on 29% larger fans, and they spin 100rpm faster. There’s also a new heat pipe just for the GPU.

Speaking of those vents in the corners, those are all lit up with RGB lighting on the Legion 7/7i, and that model is also getting an RGB bar along the front. The Slim model isn’t getting that.

They’re thin and light with big batteries

Speaking of Slim, these laptops are meant to be mobile. The Legion 7/7i comes in at 19mm thick with a 5.5 pound chassis, which is pretty light. For the Slim 7/7i, it’s just 16mm thin and 4.4 pounds.

Side view of Lenovo Legion laptop

Lenovo Legion Slim 7i

And then there’s a big old battery. The Legion 7/7i comes with a 99.99WHr battery, while the Slim 7/7i has a 99.99WHr batter as an option with a 71WHr battery in the base model. This is as big as laptop batteries get, and the reason for that is because with anything bigger than that, you can’t take it on a plane.

The screens have variable refresh rates

One thing that we’re finally seeing on the Windows market is variable refresh rate displays. That means that a PC can boost the refresh rate of a screen when it needs to, and then scale it back to conserve power when it can.

This is now an option on Lenovo’s new Legion 7//7i and Legion Slim 7/7i laptops. While base models can have a 1,920×1,200 resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate, the rest of the SKUs have a 2,560×1,600 resolution. Many configurations are 165Hz, but you can get them with VRR up to 240Hz.

As far as pricing and availability go, the Legion 7i and Legion Slim 7i are both coming in May, starting at $2,449 and $1,589, respectively. The Legion 7 and Legion Slim 7 are coming in June, starting at $2,059 and $1,519, respectively.

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